...A comprehensive overview of funerary products, services, and commemorative elements with an option to read the text in its entirety or leapfrog to particular segments for referencing specific topics

An inclusive exploration of every relevant component for initiation or revision of final arrangements... embedded with some surprising current trends

A whimsical perspective for pleasurable end-of-life event pre-planning... a recreational retreat within the context of useful information

An unusual style, with mirthful frog illustrations and diversionary vignettes to help the reader loosen up... content is interspersed with distraction segments that include playful asides, rhyming quips, word games, and double meanings promoting lighthearted fun

A celebration of one's uniqueness through opportunities to identify customized details as a basis for decisions... with encouragement for conveying wishes to the people who matter most

A commonly concealed subject is exhumed from the depths of denial and infused with humanistic humor. Reluctant mortals who step tentatively into this domain emerge refreshingly informed, prepared, and triumphant.

This book is different. It's for people who would like to have a good time while exploring the territory and engaging in a task that might otherwise seem daunting or difficult at first glance.
The renowned spiritualist, Claire Voyant

The spirit of Smokey Stackaton, a decedent who was a bit "steamed" about being cremated

Blanche Skinner, who would have appreciated it if you had thought to transfer your nudist resort time-share to her name before you died

Al Bragnauseum, a recent decedent presenting his own eulogy by way of a videotaped message to his supposed admirers

An imaginary Funeral and Memorial Service Epicenter (FAMSE) that is a hypbrid browsing library and retail shop

The Last Gasp Saloon where you'll be privy to other folks' plans for commemorative affairs when you "belly up" to the bar

An overture to cadaver dissection at the hands of medical students...
Rosie Sanguini, Earnest Exudata, Flo Urinablad,
Arie Lungunkin, Collin Oscopee, and Lancelot Lesionicky

Be Entertained By:
Illustrative croaking creatures...
Oliver Webber, Dotty Browning, Iris Bulginski, Cliff Leapinhardt, Tad Polinelli,
Lily Paddinghauser, Ruf Skinner, Kaydence Ribetnauer, Mark Wartman, Arty Amphibifield,
and Eggbert Spawnith

Upon seeing the heading for a segment about memorial stones

That all lives are special and worthy of individualized attention when they end

Colorful End-of-Life Pre-planning
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